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Marriage for Same-Sex Couples: Is it Over Yet? Lecture by Professor Matthew Coles, 03/26/14 (mp3)

1L Concentrations Orientation S13, 04/2/13 (mp3)

1L Pre-Registration Orientation S13, 03/26/13 (mp3)

The Supreme Court & Marriage Equality--Prof. Lawrence C. Levine, University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, 2/11/13 (video mp4)

Judicial Externship info session, 02/11/13 (mp3)

The Ten Commandments of Cross Examination - Irving Younger (video, mp4)

Hastings to Haiti Symposium - 1/22/13 (video, mp4)

Inter-American Court of Human Rights panel 10/15/12 (video, mp4)

Affordable Care Act & U.S. Supreme Court: Legal Experts at UC Hastings 04/02/12 (mp3)

Suicide Prevention 03/13/12 (mp3)

Roundtable on Possibly Arming Hastings Officers 03/22/11 (mp3)

"Repeal!" The end of don't ask/don't tell... 1/19/11 (mp3)

Supreme Court Review - 9/29/10 (Video - mp4)

Erwin Chemerinsky - Presentation to Alumni - 4/23/08 (Video - wmv)

Erwin Chemerinsky - Presentation to Students - 4/22/08 (Video - wmv)

UCBenefitsTalk10-20-09 (mp3)

A Celebration of Professor Robin Feldman's New Book: The Role of Science in Law (mp3)

Community Forum: Establishment Cause Panel - 09/20/09 (mp3)

Hastings PALS: Equity for Filipino-American Veterans: Justice Delayed or Just in Time? - 04/08/09 (mp3)

Naturalization Meeting - 04/06/09 - (mp3)

Anderson Lecture - Gene Fidell - 03-23-09 - (mp3)

Tax Aspects of the Stimulus Package - Profs. Heather Field & Darien Shanske - 03-16-09 - (mp3)

Panel on Gender Violence in the Democrat Republic of Congo - 02/18/09 - (mp3)
With Ann Veneman, Eve Ensler and V-Day representative Dr. Denis Mukwege

Financial Crisis Lecture - Prof. Joel Paul - 02/27/09 - (mp3)

Cohen Podcast 10-08 - (mp3)

Credit Crisis Panel 10-6-08 - (mp3)

Proposition 8: What Now? 11-12-08 - (mp3)

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